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7 Spring Essentials for Busy Moms

But with spring bringing warmer temperatures and trips to the playground and the park, there are some definite "must-have" essentials for moms on the go with their littles.

I asked a few moms what their essentials are, and the answers were all pretty similar. Let's take a look.

1. Seasonal Carry-All Bag

Whether you decide to grab a cross-body tote bag or a chic backpack, a carry-all is a no-brainer for any mom. Something bright and fun for the spring and summer is perfect for sunny days at the park, day trips, or vacation. You'll have plenty of room for snacks, sippy cups, a few diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, and even space for a wallet or small clutch to hold your ID and phone.

2. Chapstick

Getting over the dry, cold weather, don't go into spring with chapped lips! Keep lips hydrated with traditional chapstick or kick it up a notch and try the ultra-hydrating Blistex Triple Essentials with SPF 15. As much as I love lipstick and my absolute favorite lipgloss, I find my lips getting really dry and chapped at the end of winter, so chapstick comes in handy. After I get dressed and ready for the day, I'll use chapstick before applying any lip color because the more hydrated your lips are, the better (and longer!) your lipstick or gloss will stay put!

3. Lightweight Sweaters

Just because it's spring doesn't exactly mean warm weather. In the mid-atlantic, we've been known to get snow in April, so lightweight sweaters are the perfect transition piece. Pair with jeans, shorts, or a fun skirt to waltz into spring. The Universal Threads collection from Target has the perfect lightweight spring sweaters.

4. Cotton button down

Instead of a cardigan, layer your tanks with a simple cotton button down for added texture or a pop of color. Old Navy and Target have a huge assortment of colors and patterns that are perfect for layering. Or, try tying the front of the shirt to make a statement top out of your button down. Striped, light button downs are very trendy now and pair great with white denim and gold accents!

5. Sunnies

The sun is shining in full force and you need to protect your eyes. Eyewear can be a fun accessory, so play it up with fun sunnies from Sojos Vision or classic Ray Bans. I have found that motherhood is pretty rough on sunglasses (correction: kids are rough on sunglasses), so I don't wear my good Ray Bans to the park or running errands. I stick with easily replaceable, yet fun and stylish sunnies.

6. Comfy Sneakers

Fortunately, sneakers are making their way back into casual street style. Classic Adidas Baseline sneakers or my personal favorite, stark white Converse All Stars, are popular and stylish for moms and all women on-the-go. I love pairing mine with jeans and a fun graphic top or even with a casual swing dress for a day running errands or a Sunday Funday.

7. Tinted Moisturizer with SPF

I don't have a lot of time to put on makeup everyday, so I can appreciate the simplicity of a lightweight tinted moisturizer. Hydrating and tinted to cover your face without feeling caked on, I'm obsessed with the NARS Pure Radiant tinted moisturizer. It provides a sheer layer of coverage to hide imperfections, wrinkles, and pore while protecting from the sunshine with SPF 30. In the warmer months, I use this with a little mascara and bronzer to complete my everyday casual look.

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