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"Rose All Day" Sangria

Before I moved to Texas, I didn't understand the meaning of being a "seasonal wine drinker." But when it's 110 degrees and humid outside, you don't want to be sipping on a cabernet sauvignon, no matter how much you love it. You'll want cold, refreshing white wines. And if you're anything like me, you don't like sweet wines. In fact, the drier the better. So finding myself a summer wine that tasted delicious and wasn't super sugary was hard.

That's when I discovered dry rosés. Game. Changer.

Rosés have the cool crispness of a white wine, with a slight tannin structure of a red. Making it the best middle ground for someone who is adamant about only drinking reds (*raises hand*).

I've always loved experimenting with drink recipes, and being a bartender lets me have a little fun and be creative with my favorite ingredients. But this is so easy to make at home, even the most inexperienced at-home cocktail enthusiast can whip this up!


Dry Rosé wine

1/4 cup sliced strawberries

1/4 cup sliced cucumber

1/4 oz Simple syrup

You'll also need some at-home bar tools: Boston Shaker Set, & muddler

1. Slice up strawberries and cucumbers into quarters, and drop in small shaker

2. Pour in simple syrup and muddle until syrup turns a pinkish color

3. Fill small shaker halfway with ice cubes

4. Pour Rosé over ice, until ice is covered

5. Cover small shaker with large shaker, and shake until the small shaker has frost on the outside (telltale sign it's ready!)

6. Pour mixture in a glass, and top with Topo Chico!

Bottoms Up!


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