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"Berry Patch" Martini

It's officially strawberry season on the East Coast, and that means berry everything. The fun part about strawberries is that they are very versatile and they are very sturdy. Strawberries can hold up to a lot of heat, macerating, and muddling without getting soggy or losing color.

Blend them with milk to make ice cream. Bake them in a pie. Add sugar to make jam or jelly. Eat them whole, dip them in chocolate, accompany strawberries with cheese. The possibilities are endless!

But today, we are drinking our strawberries in this light and effervescent martini, perfect for hot and humid summer nights. In Maryland, you do not want to drink heavy cocktails in the heat, day or night. Even after the sun goes down, it is a hot as a billy goat in a pepper patch.

This cocktail was created out of my love of strawberries (obviously), vodka, and prosecco. Really, any sparkling wine will do, but the drier the better. Because the berries have natural sugar but also some tartness, I did add a splash of simple syrup. If you prefer a cocktail that has a tart kick to it, leave out the simple syrup!


3oz Titos vodka

.75oz simple syrup

.5oz lemon juice

1-2 oz Prosecco

2 sliced strawberries

You'll also need a shaker set & muddler.

1. Muddle sliced strawberries with lemon juice and simple syrup

2. Fill shaker with ice

3. Add vodka and shake, shake, shake!

4. Strain into cocktail glass

5. Top with a floater of prosecco

I garnished my cocktail with some of the muddled strawberries, just for pretty, but it's up to you. Garnish with a lemon twist and single strawberry slice for a nice classy -looking cocktail.

The fun thing about cocktails is once you know general pours and flavor profiles, you can get really creative. Mix up the vodka, try different flavor combinations, and start creating your own.

Bottoms Up!

xoxo - K


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