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Ombre Tissue Paper Number

I love a good party. But even more, I love to throw a good party. And so when it came time to throw my daughter's first birthday party, I knew I was going to go all out. Food, decorations, drinks, atmosphere... The Full Martha Stewart Treatment.

With her birthday being at the end of May, I started planning in February, but I did not get into full swing until last week. We had a menu, guest list, and a *signature* sangria planned, but I hadn't started making moves on the decorations yet. Thanks to Pinterest and the Target Dollar Section (seriously, the best), we are on our way to having a lovely backyard bash that any hostess would be proud of.

Not shying away from everything and anything girly, we decided against a strict theme of Princesses or Unicorns and picked a simple color palate: Pinks, Golds, Sparkles, Pearl - all out girly-girl. The food will be dainty (minus the hotdogs and sliders), the sangria will be pink and fruity, and the decor will be ultra feminine.

Scrolling through Pinterest, I've seen the trend of paper numbers starting to popup for children's birthday parties. Knowing it would be easy to do and that I already had all the supplies I needed, I knew it would be a perfect addition to our uber-chic party. Pink and frills- you can't go wrong!

This project isn't hard, but it is a bit time consuming so turn on your latest Netflix binge (mine so happened to be Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce) and get crafty. If you've ever made the Martha Stewart Tissue Paper Pom Poms, this is a lot like that, but easier.


Tissue Paper in 4 similar shades

Floral Wire

2" thick foam



Before you get started, draw out your design on the foam board and cut, using a knife. This will give you a better idea of how many paper flowers to make. My "1" is about 18-inch tall and 3 1/2 Inchs wide. I used about 30 tissue paper puffs to cover my foam.

1. Fold 2 or 3 pieces of tissue paper of the same color in half. Cut 3 inch strips, and cut the folded end.

2. Using 4 strips of paper, accordion fold longways.

3. Pinch the middle and wrap with a 3-inch piece of floral wire. Twist the ends together leaving a tail. This is how you'll attach the "flower" to the foam.

4. Repeat for your remaining tissue paper, in all colors.

5. Once all your puffs are made, start assembling your shape. Use the wire tail on the puffs and stick it into the foam. Start with the lightest shade on the top or bottom, and gradually get darker as your assemble your number.

6. Fluff the tissue paper to create a fuller look and voila! All finished!

Because the tissue paper is attached to foam, you can display this virtually anywhere at your party. Get creative - hang it up using a 3M hook, prop it up on a table, or thread it onto fishing line to create the allusion that it's floating over your cake table or photo display. This is a fun, easy project that will look fab in photos for years to come.




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