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Brown Butter Shrimp Risotto

Risotto is a great substitute for pasta and because of the starches in arborio rice, it's rich and creamy without using any heavy cream or milk. I wouldn't say it's the healthiest option, but it's definitely a guilty pleasure! Risotto is easy, but it takes patience.

This meal was thrown together with things we had in the pantry and freezer, and it takes no time at all to have a balanced delicious meal. We always have rice, chicken stock, onions, and frozen vegetables at our house, for when we need to throw together a quick dinner. The only thing I picked up from the store was some small frozen shrimp. You can easily substitute any other protein for the shrimp and any vegetables, making it super versatile.


1.5 lbs. frozen shrimp (or 1 bag)

1/2 bag frozen peas

5 cups chicken stock

1/2 cup white wine

1 small yellow onion

1 stick unsalted butter

1 cup arborio rice

1. In a dutch oven, melt 3 tsp butter and stir in finely chopped onion. Let cook until translucent.

2. Heat a small non-stick skillet and melt 4 tsp butter until slightly browned. Add shrimp. Cook approximately 3 minutes on each side until pink. Remove from heat and cover.

3. Add arborio rice to dutch oven and toast. Add wine until mostly evaporated. This is used for the aromatics. Slowly, add chicken stock, 1 cup at a time, and stir.

4. When 3 cups of stock have been added to rice, pour frozen peas into rice mixture. Continue adding stock and cook until peas and rice are tender. The risotto should be creamy but not too thick.

5. Serve shrimp over risotto and top with parmesan.

Enjoy! Again, the beauty of this dish is that it's simple and can be modified depending on what protein and vegetables you prefer. Scallops and asparagus, chicken and roasted tomatoes, broccoli and beef... get creative!


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