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My 28-Day Teatox

Never in a million years thought I would fall victim to fad diets and detox trends, but I figured while I'm focusing on my #weddingdiet,

now was a good time to give a detox a whirl. So when Trim Down Tea reached out to me on Instagram to be a brand ambassador, I couldn't say no! All I had to do was take before, during, and after photos, drink 2 cups of tea a day, and write a testimonial at the end... not too hard, right?

Well, for an avid coffee drinker, this proved to be a little harder than I thought. I don't drink coffee for the caffeine (pretty sure I'm immune), but I love the taste and I drink it all day. Iced, hot, latte, espresso - you name it, I'll drink it.

I read a lot about detoxes before starting this one, and since it's just drinking tea and not only sticking to juice or soup, I decided to cut out some unhealthy foods to aid the TeaTox. No fried foods, limit the amount of carbs, no sweets, and no unhealthy binge snacks. This would all be hard for me since I love snacking. Instead of fatty foods, I focused on eating more lean protein, vegetables, and healthy snacks.

The Trim Down Tea TeaTox is a 2-part system that boosts metabolism, helps your body remove toxins, and slims your stomach by curving cravings.

Day 1-5

I missed coffee pretty bad. And cutting out unhealthy snacks and meals made me feel like I wasn't satisfied after every meal. The first few days are always the hardest when starting a diet. However, I did have a lot more energy than before and I woke up feeling refreshed. Admittedly so, there were 1 or 2 nights that I forgot the nighttime cleanse tea, mostly because I was so exhausted that drinking tea seemed like too much of a hassle (or I fell asleep watching TV).

Day 6-10

It's getting easier to go without coffee - as a matter of fact, I haven't missed it too much. I have cut out a large majority of carbs and I haven't been feeling too hungry. Dinner has been lots of grilled veggies, creative salads, and proteins like ribs and chicken (all done on the grill).

Day 11-15

I'll admit it - I've gotten very used to drinking tea before going to bed. It's a nice way to end my day and unwind with a delicious hot tea. The nighttime cleanse is amazing - I wake up every morning and feel thinner than before going to bed (probably due to the fact that drinking tea makes me wake up to pee in the middle of the night).

Day 16-20

Nothing much has changed at this point... There's a good chance that after the initial detox and cleanse, you won't see much more of a change. It has been nice trying to watch my diet and eat healthier, while seeing results.

Day 21-28

During the last few days, I am more and more convinced that after I passed Day 15, my initial cleanse was complete. I have plateaued and haven't noticed any big changes since the first 2 weeks. I think more than anything, just watching my diet and being conscious about what I'm ingesting is helping my drop some excess weight.

For it being my first time ever participating in a tea detox/cleanse, it was a great experience. Will I do it again? I'm sure I will. Will I do anything different? Absolutely. Alongside altering my diet and being aware of what I am eating, I would recommend regular exercise. Because of vacation in the middle of this teatox and throwing back a few cold ones, I guarantee I didn't have the same results as I could have if I dieted heavily and monitored my "empty calorie" (booze...) intake.


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