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Winter Essentials for Every Girl

The after-Christmas blues are all too real. The lights are down, decorations are all put away, and the Christmas music has stopped playing. And now we are just stuck with frigid cold temperatures and gray skies that promise a flurry or two.

This winter has been especially cold. I can't remember the last time it was this cold in December and early January. So while I'm spending all my time curled up with blankets and endless cups of coffee, I've been compiling a list of the best winter essentials that a girl's gotta have. From the coziest jammies to stylish sweaters and travel mugs, the cold won't seem so bad.

1. Super Snuggly Sweaters

I like to be cozy all winter, not just when I'm curled up under a blanket. And if I have to brave the cold temperatures, then I want to be wearing the closets thing to a blanket - a snuggly sweater. I'm a sucker for an oversized sweater with a high neck. And I have found a few that I am obsessed with. Who said sweaters can't stylish too?! I love that it is fashionable to swear chunky-knit sweaters with skirts or over dresses. Sweaters don't just have to be warm, but they can make a statement. Bell sleeves, lantern sleeves, cold-shoulder knits, or back detail sweaters have all made an entrance this season and let me tell you... I Love It.


2. Moisturizing Matte Lip Color

The worst part of winter is dry, cracked lips. But I also don't love having an ultra-glossy lip color with shine. A matte lip color is definitely the way to go, and there are so many to choose from! Whether you like a low-profile neutral shade or a dramatic pop of color, brands make sure it's moisturizing. There's nothing worse than dry lips with a dry lip color! My favorite go-to matte color right now is Honeymoon by NYX. It's a neutral shade with a bit of a blue undertone (always make sure it matches your skin undertone!), so it's great for colder months.

3. Belted Puffer Coat

My biggest problem with buying a new coat is finding

one that is warm, practical, and doesn't make me look like a marshmallow. Like a lot of women, I have the struggle of finding a coat that fits my chest without being massive everywhere else! That's why a belted coat is my saving grace. It's warm, has a huge hood with faux fur trim, and has a double layered zipper to keep you extra warm. This coat will replace all other winter coats - even my peacoat. Because of the warmth and gorgeous look, it can be worn casually or with a dress and heels when the temperature is low. Find it here.

4. The Perfect Travel Mug

When it is cold outside, I don't go anywhere without coffee. I have so many travel mugs at my house it should be a sin! But I have some favorites that are great at keeping my coffee hot and look super cute. The budget doesn't always allow for Yeti mugs, so I have found that cute boutiques like Charming Charlie have adorable, sweet, and sassy travel mugs for every girl.

5. Woven Beanie

Luckily, beanie hats are all the rage. They are warm, they come in hundreds of colors, and they are perfect for wintertime. Beanies with pompoms, brand name beanies, beanies that are for a good cause... there is a hat for everyone. Plus they look super cute with a cozy sweater and cover up a bad hair day too. I never thought I would be a girl who wore beanies, but ever since getting mine, I've worn it almost every day. You can find my beanie here!

6. Electric Blanket

If you're like me, you're always chilly. I spend my days at home wrapped up in fuzzy slippers, robes, sweaters, but at night, I am not comfortable in layers. When I was living in Northern Michigan, my mom gave me the greatest "cold girl" gift: An Electric Blanket. It saved me at night. There are temperature controls, automatic shutoff, and it's lightweight so if the heater isn't turned on, it's not a heavy blanket. It's the best way to stay warm during these record breaking low temperatures! You can get yours here.

7. Neutral Carry-All

I finally upgraded from my classic diaper bag to a chic carry-all (that also holds a diaper or two!). For winter, a larger cross-body bag or satchel is the best accessory - it can hold gloves and your hat when inside and when you're outside and leaves you hands-free for holding coffee. It's even better if you can find one that zips and is waterproof, that way, your precious belongings stay dry when you are out in the snow and wintery elements. Consider gray, navy, cognac, or black, depending on what colors you tend to wear the most.


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