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Mahon Party of 3: Our Wedding

all photos by Tyler Lyons

On January 20, 2018, I had the most stressful, exhausting, exhilarating, and phenomenal day of my life. After 11 months of planning, it was finally the Big Day!

The stress began the week before when we realized everything that hadn't been done yet, with only 6 days to do it. There was a lot of hustling and bustling and late nights that resulted in grumpy attitudes, but fortunately, it all worked out. We realized the week before that we didn't have a guest book, we didn't have a cake stand (that never made it to the venue anyway!), our placecards weren't made, the small detailed decor wasn't completed, and I was started to sweat bullets.

Full disclosure: I don't even know what didn't get done, because on that day, I wouldn't have noticed anyway.

I had every intention of relaxing in the morning of our wedding and maybe walking to get coffee and having some quiet alone time before the hustle and bustle began... of course that didn't happen. I spent the morning stressed out and trying to hunt down one of my bridesmaids (who had a little too much fun at the rehearsal dinner!), but also just trying to coordinate the last minute things. But as soon as the girls all got to the room and we began hair and makeup, the fun began.

One really cool part about our wedding was our wedding party. We had representation from every stage of our lives, and seeing them all come together and stand by us and support us meant the world to Brian and me.

I've known my Matron of Honor, Chelsea, since I was 2 years old. We grew up together and she is now my daughter's godmother. My Maid of Honor, Mary, has been my best friend since I was in 2nd grade. We were inseparable, we talk every single day, and she was my partner in crime during our Texas adventure. My bridesmaid, Holly, has been a huge part of my life since I can remember - she was my sister's friend, turned one of my best friends! Sara and I endured college together, martini nights, and too many crazy adventures (centered around booze) - she's my total confidante. I was honored to have Rachel, my brand new sister-in-law stand by my side too! I'm thrilled to have gotten closer with her over the years and look forward to all the years of family events together!

Brian's groomsmen were a great line up. His best man, Jeremy, has played a huge role in Brian's life - although I'm not sure there are any stories that are safe for the public eye! Charlie is one of the best people you'll ever meet. Brian and Charlie worked and lived together when Brian was living down in Ocean City and working at some of the best restaurants down there. The other 3 groomsmen are Brian's brothers - Eric, Kane, and Brad. Having the support of his brothers is so important to Brian and he loved having them stand by his side.

I'm beyond #blessed to know so many talented women who are make-up and hair professionals. I loved having girlfriends in the room while we were getting ready - it made everything much more laid back and comfortable.

My photographer and I go way back. Like, middle school way back. We both went through our awkward phases together (and thankfully grew out of them), danced and sang our way through high school, and stayed in touch all these years! I was thrilled when he said he was available for our wedding because I knew there wasn't anyone else I'd want to shoot my big day. His familiarity with me and my family ensured we got some amazing photos, plus it was more like having a guest with a fancy camera!

We got married at Chase Court, located in historic Mount Vernon in Baltimore, Maryland. This venue really spoke to me the first time we walked through the doors. What used to be an old parish house was refurbished by the proprietor, David Egan, and it now a gorgeous venue that hold some pretty amazing events throughout the year (um, hello... a full blown Harry Potter-themed Yule Ball!). The elegant charm of the gothic-style ballroom made decorating pretty simple - the room didn't need much! We used a few garlands and wispy floral arrangements on the tables to bring the room to life. We were super fortunate to have unseasonably warm weather and we were able to use the garden for our beer and as extra space to spread out the party. What are the odds that it would be in the 60s in January, in Maryland?! Not very high. #blessed

When I was planning the wedding, I knew I wanted to have an evening wedding, because black is my favorite color! I wanted to keep it warm and romantic and elegant... so with my colors being black, gold, and burgundy, I went into the decorations with a simplicity and elegance of a Gatsby-esque party. I used wine bottles as the centerpieces, glitzy and glittery accents, and some of my favorite F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes in the bar area.

The whole day consisted of Brian and I being surrounded by an overwhelming outpouring of love, to which I'll never be able to fully express my gratitude to the people who went above and beyond to make our day perfect - my mom, my Matron of Honor, my Mother-in-law, and all our vendors, especially. I'm sure there are little things that went on that I don't even know about, and the fact that people went out of their way to help is amazing to me.

Brian and I could not have pulled this day off without so many of our friends and family helping us out (and hooking us up with some cool stuff!).

Dress & Veil: David's Bridal

Shoes: Macy's

Cake: Michelle Lyon

Rehearsal Dinner: Barracuda's Tavern

Hair: Posh Hair Studio - Angela Kraus & Rachel Mahon

Thanks to everyone who made this day possible. Now the fun can begin!


The New Mrs. Mahon


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