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26 Goals for My 26th Year

Today is my 26th birthday. And I'm having a hard time believing that another year flew by! My 25th year was pretty darn amazing - full of adventure, new beginnings, a wedding, and the official start of Champagne and A Sippy Cup. I can only hope that my 26th year will be just as great.

Now, I've become pretty disillusioned with my birthday. I'm over it. I love celebrating other people's birthdays, but my own? I could take it or leave it. But because I have no choice but to accept it, I use it as a time to reset and focus myself.


I've made it this far in my life. I've made it through heartbreak, huge life changes, traumas, different seasons in life. And I'm a better person for it all. There's so much to be thankful for.


I don't make promises or resolutions, but some goals that give me motivation, and something to work towards that will make me a better wife, person, and role model for our daughter. Some are small and silly, and some are more impactful, but my hope is that even the smallest goal will result in something much bigger.

1. Be More Present. I want to set aside a few hours of the day where I don't touch my phone. I want to live in the moment and really soak up the memories with my friends and family without being consumed by technology. Moments are fleeting, but Instagram will always be there.

2. Stick to a daily skincare routine. My skin isn't smooth and blemish-free anymore. So a skincare routine was never a priority, but as I get older, I am seeing that by taking care of my skin now, the better it will look in the long run. (So suggestions would be great!)

3. Read 10 Books. I read all the time, but I can't tell you the last time I read a book just for my own enjoyment. Reading was always very important in my house growing up, and I read with my daughter, but reading Rainbow Fish isn't nearly as fulfilling as a classic or modern novel.

4. Get More Involved. I really want to launch Champagne and A Sippy Cup into more than just my inner thoughts, and I want to get more involved with the local blogging community to help support other moms and other boss babes. Whether it's co-hosting events or networking or just getting out there, I want to be more involved!

5. Start Bullet Journaling. There are a lot of things Hubs and I want to do, see, and places we want to travel. I used to bullet journal and it was a fun way to decompress and relax, while making lists (I LOVE lists!). So starting a bullet journal with everything B and I want to do together will be a great way to get back into it!

6. Quality over Quantity. I don't buy overly trendy clothes anymore - I stick with classic basics and throw in the occasional trendy accessory. But instead of focusing on how much I have, I'm at the point where I'd rather have a few really nice, quality pieces of clothing.

7. Exercise More. Take the stairs. Go for walks more. Get more active. Now that the little one is on the move, it'll be easier to stay on-the-go. I need to stop being so lazy and move more, get my heart rate pumping, and maybe even drop some pounds in the process.

8. Become a Morning Person. It's said that people who are morning people are more successful. Whether that's true or not, I have been trying to wake up before anyone else in my house, and getting that first cup of coffee in silence, taking some time for myself. It seems to help my productivity, so hopefully I can keep it going!

9. Join a Church. I have been looking for about a year, and this is the first time in my life that I haven't gone anywhere regularly. I grew up in church and going to Sunday School and I would love the same for my daughter. So it's time to start reading some local church doctrines and pick one!

10. Improve as a Wife. Granted, I've been officially Mrs. Mahon for 2.5 months, but we've been living under the same roof for over 2 years. But I need to focus my attention on how I can be more supportive, caring, and loving as a wife to help grow out household and strengthen our marriage.

11. Be Myself. I don't think that I have any kind of "unique" style, but it's usually effortless and comfy. Instead of falling prey to trends that are unflattering, fads that fade, and trying to dress like people who are clearly not my same body type, I need to stick with my own personal style and own it.

12. Write More. I write everyday for work. I write about all sorts of topics that aren't important to me (medical, auto, landscaping, etc.). But I want to write for myself at least 30 minutes everyday. Use it as a time to write down thoughts from the day, ideas for blogs, and improve my writing skills.

13. Be Patient. As a mom, I'm learning that the biggest skill I can have in life is having never-ending patience. (This goes for my clients too!) I can't sweat the small things and if I'm late because my toddler has to zip her own jacket, then so be it. She's learning. Rome wasn't built in a day...

14. Increase my Followers. As simple as this sounds, I want to expand my platform and reach other moms and other amazing women who are doing great things, need some extra encouragement, or just need to know that they're not in this alone. Not asking to be Insta-Famous. Just get some more followers.

15. Have a Date Night Once a Month. With our schedules, Hubs and I don't see each other a ton. When we do, it's late at night, or for dinner twice a week. But we never get alone time, and I think that's important for staying true to ourselves and having a happy marriage. Once a month shouldn't be too hard...

16. Support Other Moms. This all goes back to expanding my platform on Champagne and A Sippy Cup. But I want to be a resource for other moms. I was a new mom that wasn't planning on being a mom for quite some time, and understand it can be rocky at first. Moms just need to hear they're doing a good job.

17. Only Shop Where I'm Comfy. Shopping local and going to local boutiques is great... but for me, it's good for accessories. I don't generally find clothes at designer or local boutiques that fit. They're trendy and cute, but I aim for style and maximum comfort (and budget-friendly), whether that's at Target, J.C. Penny, or Kohls. Cool or not, I'm comfy.

18. Do 1 Craft a Week with Caroline. I did a lot of crafts growing up. My sister and I were around a lot of creative people when we were little and crafts can be a great learning tool. Doing one fun craft a week with Caroline will get her mind moving, be a fun thing to do together, and a great way to kill time in the afternoon.

19. Throw a Real Dinner Party. I'm not talking a casual, thrown together dinner with friends. I'm talking, invitations, good wine and charcuterie, and amazing food. Just adults and good conversation. This is a dying tradition and I want to see it make a comeback.

20. For Every New Piece of Clothing, Get Rid of One. This is self-explanatory. I don't want to hoard clothes, and if we're being honest, I have probably held on to some items in my closet wayyy past their expiration date. (No one wants to see me in a tight little mini dress or crop top!) This will force me to make smart purchases and purge my wardrobe at the same time (you're welcome, B).

21. Learn How to Sew on a Button. Yes, I don't know how to do this. Most people learned in Home-Ec class, but I opted to take choir and band instead, so I don't have this very useful life skill. My sister can practically sew a whole wardrobe for her kids in a day and my grandmother was a seamstress. When a button falls off... I don't wear that top anymore...

22. Love More. This goes for friends, family, acquaintances, and even strangers. Just being a loving, kind person can change someone's day, and for too long, I've been pretty cynical and judgmental for no reason. Everyone has their battles, so showing a little love can go a long way.

23. Write a Book. Or at least start, but it's always been a dream of mine to write a book. This has been a goal of mine each year, and every time I think I have time to get started, life gets in the way. I have a few outlines completed, but I struggle with committing to the topic. I just need to buckle down and write.

24. Try Something New. A new experience, a new hobby, or something that has made me uncomfortable before. Being uncomfortable can be a really good sign of growth. Maybe this will be writing my book. Maybe it will be something smaller. Or maybe it's something I don't even know yet.

25. Stop Looking to Others for Approval. It can be easy to do on social media. I find myself comparing myself to other women who "have it all together," or who live certain lifestyles. I have a wonderful life, healthy daughter, and the sooner I stop relying on outward approval, the sooner I can move on with making my dreams a reality.

26. Complain Less. I've gotten into a horrible habit of complaining when things aren't going the way I think they should (or when I'm hangry). But complaining doesn't solve anything - in fact, it just makes everyone else irritated. Complaining less and doing more to change my situation is my goal.

And there you have it. My 26 goals for my 26th year. I'm sure some of these will get lost along the way, but I hope that I can stick with at least some of it.



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