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What Gets Me Through the Bad Days

Did you know that Color Wonder markers still leave a mark on the wall? Marketed as safe for any surface except the special paper they were made for, Crayola obviously didn't test on light gray walls with a defiant toddler. I half expected to hear Ryder call, "No Mission too big, no pup too small!" and have the Paw Patrol crew start cleaning up the mess. But instead, I just sigh and head to the kitchen to get my 2nd magic eraser for the week.

We all have those days. The days where everything that can go wrong, does. Sometimes it goes from good to bad, and other times it goes from bad to worse. The other day, I had the latter of the two.

It all started with my alarm going off, not being awake enough to realized I turned it off, and oversleeping for an hour. Getting dressed and out of the house in 30 minutes isn't really my style, but I pulled it off... or so I thought. 10 minutes into my drive to a client's office, my hair tie breaks. Normally it's not a bad thing, but that day, I was counting on my hair tie hiding the fact that I had unbrushed, severe bed-head.

Once I got to the office, I sat down at my desk and got to work, only to realize I didn't have my HDMI cord (not the end of the world, just obnoxious). Then, as I'm reaching to get my coffee, I hear a small rip. Immediately, I look at my pants. Nothing. I look down. Yep. The stitching that held my wrap shirt together snapped, revealing my pink lacy bra for everyone to see (fortunately no one else was there yet).

I Macgyver-ed my whole look. A rubber band was a decent stand in for a hair tie and a small binder clip held my shirt together all day.

It would have been a bad day had it stayed like that, only it got progressively worse. My laptop charger died. It's 9 years old and the wires are starting to fray... So, I found some electrical tape and figured out how to ground my charger and tape it in a way so it would still work (it's still going strong!). Then, spreadsheets weren't merging. Data wouldn't upload. The project that should have only taken 1 hour took 5 1/2 hours instead.

I was stressed. I was overwhelmed. I let the little things get to me.

I felt like a failure. I felt defeated. I felt like I wasn't qualified to do my job. I felt so discouraged. Helplessness washed over me and I sunk my head into my hands. I took a few deep breaths and knew I couldn't let it get the better of me.

On days like that, there are only 2 things that get me through the day: Superfluous amounts of coffee and knowing that Tomorrow is a New Day. That's what keeps me going.

The next day was a thousand times better. No wardrobe malfunctions. No faulty spreadsheets. No problematic client issues. Nothing but smooth sailing. Because it was a new day.

That's the funny thing about being in a bad mood or having the "worst day ever." There's always a light at the end of the tunnel. There's no magic eraser for my bad mood, but there is a lot of praying and hope that tomorrow will be better.

And most the time, after a good cry, there's a rainbow after the storm. So I put on my big girl panties and take it on, one day at a time.



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