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An Open Letter to My Mom, Now That I'm a Mom

Dear Mom,

Although I know how much you love me, and you know I love you, I’m not sure I have ever really found a way to tell you how much I appreciate, love, respect, and look up to you. I certainly don’t tell you enough…

Ever since day one, you have supported me through every recital, performance, soccer game, church event, and tough situation that has been thrown my way. You put my my sister and me before you, sacrificing so much so that we could have every opportunity to succeed and excel. You were there for me through all my awkward and terrible middle school years, my crazy journey through high school[s], my lost years during college, and still, you love me just the same. I know I didn’t make it easy on you.

When I was younger, I never told you how much I appreciated the time you took to do my hair every morning, make me breakfast, pack my lunch, make after-school snacks, have dinner on the table, and help with homework, all while working and taking care of yourself. I never understood how utterly and amazingly selfless you have been… until I became a mom.

You have provided me with the best thing a mom can offer: An amazing role model to look up to. I find your voice coming out of my mouth when I talk to my daughter. I notice myself doing little things that you always did for us - something as small as little notes on napkins to things as important as reading to us before bedtime and tucking us in every night. As a child, you don’t think about those things being the “extra mile” to make a day really special.

But as a mom, it is everything.

Mom is often synonymous with Home. Home is where the heart is? No, home is where the Mom is. Some of my favorite memories when I was younger happened at home. A home that you worked so hard to nurture, create, and support. All the birthday parties you threw, all the backyard plays we put on for the neighbors, and all the little moments: family “bonding” over folding laundry, shelling peas in the summer while watching tv, going grocery shopping and getting to pick out a favorite snack… I strive to provide that kind of home for my daughter.

I hope that I can be the same example to my daughter that you were to me, because you shaped me into the mom I am today. We have dance parties in the afternoon everyday to music that I remember listening to you with you. She helps me “bake” cookies. We read books of all kinds. There are certain traditions that I strive to keep alive because they were important to our family when we were little.

When my sister and I were heavily involved in every church activity you can think of, you drove us back and forth, helping us any way you could. One song that comes to mind when I think about Sunday School is “The Fruits of the Spirit-” Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control. You raised us to possess all those qualities, and while it isn’t always easy (and takes a truckload of patience), I am raising my daughter to have the same values, while re-learning some of them for myself. I'm learning a whole new kind of patience, self-control, kindness, and a deeper love than I thought possible.

For my entire life, you have demonstrated all of those qualities and shown me what it means to live by those principles. You love your family with no bounds. You rejoice in our successes and accomplishments. You bring peace to every situation. Your patience is exceptional - something your family and students all appreciate. Your kindness and goodness can be seen in how you treat others. You are faithful to a fault - loyal to those who love you and you do everything in your power to protect the ones you love. Your gentleness is demonstrated every time you are playing and teaching my daughter. And your self-control is shown through your absolute selflessness - always putting others before yourself.

There is honestly so much more to be appreciative of, and this letter simply scratches the surface. Thank you for showing me how to live, love, and raise a family in a Godly, healthy way, and how to nurture relationships in the same way.

Know that you are much more than a mom to me: you are a role model, you are my hero, you are my best friend. And for that, I love you even more.


Your Daughter


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