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First Trimester Must Haves

The first 12 weeks of pregnancy are a DOOZY. No matter how you put it! Whew, time flies when you are nauseous all the time...

When you are pregnant for the first time, you don't always know what you're in for. You hear horror stories and that it's "not that bad," and you quickly find out for yourself.

This time around was massively different - being pregnant with a toddler is a whole new ballgame. I felt great when I was pregnant the first time- except for some normal exhaustion. However, this time around, I've been nauseous everyday. To the point where I thought I would need to pull over on my drive to work and puke all over the side of the road. PSA: "Morning sickness" doesn't just last for the morning. It can last. All. Damn. Day.

The bloating was at an all time high. I started showing a bit earlier this time (they aren't kidding when they say your body "remembers" how to be pregnant, but I just felt so lumpy and puffy and uncomfortable. All my clothes fit just a little tighter than normal, but it was still way too early to break out the few maternity pieces I own (or so I thought).

There are a few things that became my favorites and became my favorite must-haves during my first trimester... and quickly became things that I couldn't survive without.

1. Cereal - I was never a big cereal eater, but I found that first thing in the morning, a bowl of Kellogg's Smart Start cereal has just enough carbs and oats to settle my stomach and keep me going all morning. The thought of a eggs made my stomach flip. (It also was a great substitute for other meals when the idea of eating a full meal made me feel horrible).

2. Palmer's Stretch Mark Cream - This heavy cocoa butter formula is my ride-or-die this pregnancy. I slather it on in the morning and right before bed on my stomach, but I also use it on my hips, thighs, and chest... pretty much anywhere that is prone to getting stretch marks. I didn't use it early enough during my first pregnancy and I still have the faint whisper of stretch marks on my hips.

3. Prenatal Vitamins - DUH! This is obvious for any expecting mother, but during my first pregnancy, I never found prenatal vitamins that I loved. This time, I discovered Nature's Bounty prenatal vitamins and I will never use anything else.

4. Snoogle Total Body Pillow - The first thing that gets sore is always my back, and my nighttime lifesaver is my Snoogle body pillow. Hubs got this for during my first pregnancy, and I immediately started sleeping better and more comfortably. It's already hard to sleep with the crazy pregnancy dreams and insomnia, so don't let your comfortability be jeopardized!

5. Stretchy Clothes - It's not time to break out the full blown maternity wardrobe yet, but your skinny jeans are feeling a bit snug... It's hard to dress around a growing bump and still be comfortable and not resort to sweatpants everyday. I found a few pairs of shorts that are very stretchy and forgiving while keeping stylish, as well as palazzo pants and swing dresses. It was a record-high temperature month of May, so dresses were the best way to stay comfy and cool.

6. Water Bottle - I always have a few water bottles on hand because W O W am I thirsty!!! It's a struggle to drink enough water throughout the day, but I love infusing my water with fruit to give it some flavor and extra vitamin boost. Some of my favorite combinations are mint + cucumber and strawberry + lemon.

7. Topo Chico - When regular water or fruit-infused water doesn't quite settle my nausea, I love grabbing Topo Chico mineral water. The carbonation helps settle even my worst stomach-ache, the same way Ginger ale does. I'm not a fan of ginger ale, so when I discovered that my favorite drink had the same effects, I was totally on board. It's hard to find in Maryland, but when I stumble upon it, I scoop it all up!

8. Bralettes - My body makes the most drastic changes in the first trimester, and when hormones are all out of whack, bralettes make things much more comfortable. Changing body parts, sore body parts, and an achy back don't need straps digging into your skin. My favorite bralettes are from Nordstom and Gap. They aren't incredibly supportive for moms with larger chests, BUT they are adorable, comfy, and look great under lightweight summer tops and dresses.

9. Ice Cream - I don't have much of a sweet tooth... except for when I'm pregnant! And when most food makes me feel sick to my stomach, I find that ending the day with a little ice cream helps. Fortunately, my MIL found these incredible mini ice cream sandwiches and Blue Bunny Mini Swirls which are the perfect size and just enough to satisfy my craving.

What first trimester must-haves did I leave off?! I would love to know some of your pregnancy must-haves!


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