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Bumpdate - 20 Weeks

Whoaaaa we're halfway there!

Officially halfway through this pregnancy and I'm still blown away at how fast it's going. There has been a lot going on since we found out we are expecting another little girl. Mostly just trying to clean out our extra bedroom (read: junk room) to make a nursery, getting out all our baby clothes, and trying to decide on a name - which proves to be a lot harder this time around!

I have a nice little bump going, and there's no hiding it! I feel like I am still bigger than I was with my first pregnancy, but I'm managing the extra weight gain a lot better this time. No red flags, all the genetic testing came back clear and free from anything, and the only side effect I'm battling is indigestion.

It's really not that bad - I just have to be a little more cautious about what I eat, when I eat it, and the level of spiciness (which is killing me... I love spicy food!)

Baby Girl has spent the last few days at the beach, and if she's anything like her mommy or big sister, she'll be a total beach babe! (Cue the endless sweat and feeling extra hot)

Baby Mahon is the Size of A...

Banana. Weighing in at approximately 10.1 ounces and measuring at 6.50 inches, she's growing right on pace! Of course we will get more exact numbers at our anatomy scan appointment. She's wiggling around all the time, but especially at night when I lay down for the night or right after I eat. So far, breakfast tacos make her dance the most! My girl... :)

Currently Feeling

Really great. Besides the normal Mom-Brain kicking in and general fatigue, I really feel very good. I'm not letting myself over indulge myself with sweets or cravings and I think that's really making a huge difference this time around. I am entering the "I feel like a whale" stage, but that could be because I'm spending a lot of time in a bathing suit lately!

Currently Craving

Again, I wish I were craving food! I feel full all the time and I know I need to be eating healthy food, but eating generally results in feeling sick. When I do eat, I try to eat healthy, and I'm really into Chicken Caesar Wraps right now. With the weather being so hot, they're perfectly cool, crisp, and filling.

Guilty Pleasure: Snyder's Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzel Bites. I've always been a huge fan of these, but usually steer clear because I can eat the whole bag in one sitting... but I've caved and now that's ALL I WANT! I'm such a sucker for savory snack food.

Currently Wearing

Literally all. the. dresses. It's been so hot and I cannot stand being confined to pants or shorts, so I'm trying to wear swing dresses and maxi dresses. The bloating phase is gone and now that I have a real bump, I'm relying on loose clothes and and handful of maternity styles. Non-maternity shift dresses are still fitting great and I'm loving how they look right now!

My favorite maternity pieces that I rely on regularly are from Old Navy - comfy henley tanks and basic tees are the best! I'm really loving non-maternity joggers and lounge pants that fit under the bump and will be perfect for after I have Baby Girl #2. I'm trying to limit the amount of maternity wear that I buy since I know I won't be wearing it again and now I'm focusing on clothes and lounge wear for the winter while I'm at home with 2 littles!

Current Worries

Now that the nursery has been totally cleaned out (Thanks, mom!) that worry has gone by the wayside. We still don't have a nursery theme, but I'm not too worried about that. My biggest concern now is how Caroline will react to having a baby in the house all the time. She loves her baby cousins and other babies, but they are around for a little and then they leave. This baby will be around 24/7... and I'm not sure how she will adapt right away. She going through the "It's MINE!" phase right now, and having to share mom and dad's attention with another kid might be a little troublesome for the first month or two. Wish us luck!

That's all for now! We are still trucking through and passed the halfway mark!



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