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Bumpdate - 29 Weeks

Blame it on mom-brain or just being so stinkin' busy, but I missed the regularly scheduled 28-Week bumpdate, so here we are... 29 Weeks! I can't believe that in just 11 weeks our little girl will be here! There's so much that's going to change and we are all getting ready for the huge shift in daily routines and life as we know it.

Fall is in full swing, and let me say... THANK GOODNESS! I'm no longer a grumpy, sweaty pregnant lady, but instead, I'm loving the cooler weather and wearing all the cozy sweaters and booties. The fact that I can go outside without dripping sweat is a huge relief.

In the last month, we've done a ton to get ready for Miss Delaney's arrival - we hung some shelves in the nursery, I've organized all the baby clothes we have from Caroline, and even took a family Baby Moon! It was a great way to relax and spend time with hubby and the little one before we add a little sister to the mix. Soaking up as much Vitamin D as possible, eating too much good food, and exploring our favorite place... Hilton Head Island!

Every time we go to the doctor, Little Sister is stubborn and likes to roll around, making it hard

to hear a steady heartbeat or see a clear image - so we already have our hands full! Fortunately, our doctor is incredibly patient and still considers us a "boring" patient (since we have no other issues!)

At my last appointment, I got to drink the dreaded Glucose test syrup - and although I've never had a worse experience at the blood lab, no issues here! (Except for anemia, which I already knew, since it happened with my first pregnancy)

Baby Mahon is the size of an...

Acorn Squash. Measuring in a hefty 2.54lb and approximately 15.2 inches long, she's a growing girl! No wonder when she moves, it feels like my whole body is shifting! Over the last few weeks, there have been times when my stomach visibly moves for 5 minutes (aka - she never sits still!) and Baby has had the hiccups a few times. Whereas her weight will triple (or a tad less!) before birth, if she's anything like her sister, she won't get TOO much longer in the next 11 weeks... that's crazy!!!

Currently Feeling

Exhausted, Sore, and constantly peeing. I'm at the point where going up the stairs at home gets me winded, so after running around with a toddler all day, I'm dog tired! I don't sleep well since I can't get comfy, so I usually wake up stiff and sore and frustrated. Fortunately a hot shower helps me feel awake and much better. I'm trying to limit TV time for everyone, so I only have 3 shows a week that I watch, and I think it helps my brain stay more alert during the day. I listen to music, we read, and I have plenty of things to keep my brain busy that the TV in the background just makes it all distracting.

Currently Craving

Again, I haven't had any significant cravings this pregnancy. And when I do, they're so fleeting that by the time I get what I was craving, I don't crave it anymore! I've been trying to eat fruits for snacks - apples and grapes are my favorites, but I get the occasional cookie too!

Guilty Pleasure: All comfort foods. Chilly weather means comfort food and I'm trying so hard to not overeat and stuff my face full of heavy foods like mashed potatoes and rice and chicken. Fall also means I'm cooking a lot more, since I enjoy making cold-weather foods. So I've been trying out some new (and old!) favorites to keep me satisfied. (Follow along my Instagram stories or check out my "Food" highlights for quick, weeknight fall meals!)

Currently Wearing

All. Things. Cozy. This means sweaters, blanket scarves, booties... and leggings. As much as I enjoy maternity pants and their forgiving structure, mine have seen better days and with my growing bump, they don't fit quite like they should. Most of my sweaters that I'm wearing are non-maternity and run TTS, which is amazing! I've not gained much extra weight this pregnancy (unlike last time... oof!) so most of my looser fitting clothes still fit nicely.

My current favorites are all from last season, but here are some similar looks:

Current Worries

Not much, honestly! The biggest worry is how Caroline will react once she realizes that baby is here to stay, and the novelty wears off. She is all about baby Delaney and talks about her all the time which is promising. The nursery is no longer a worry - besides a few bigger items that I would love to have (but am not sure the budget will allow), we have the essentials. And I decided on ivory and lavender as the nursery colors. I didn't want to have another all pink room, since that's what we did in Caroline's room, and I didn't want to pick a theme that she would easily outgrow. Picking a light, subtle color that can be tastefully incorporated into her nursery is the best way.

Perhaps my biggest worry is where we are going to put all the baby stuff... but the idea of rearranging the living room and making room for the cradle, chairs, and all things baby is kind of exciting at the same time!

(Also, we just got maternity photos... so here's a sneak peek! And be on the lookout for the whole blog post coming as soon as I get more photos!) A HUGE Thanks to Amy at Love Point Photography for the amazing photos!

We are seriously looking down the homestretch now, and there's a lot going on! Follow along on Instagram for all the excitement, or I'll see you at the next bumpdate check in!



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