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5 Fall Lipstick Favorites

In my opinion, fall is the best time of year for fashion - scarves, sweaters, and booties... OH MY! But fall is also the best time of year for makeup, too. The warmer, richer, deeper colors become more common, and paler nudes, pinks, and summer shades say adios! until next year. Every fall, just when the leaves begin to change, I break out my favorite fall shades and hit up Sephora to find new lip colors for the season.

I'm a creature of habit, so my favorite lip colors usually fall within the same color family. Most of my tried-and-true shades wine and sangria colored with cooler undertones. Because my skin is more olive toned than fair, I find that a lot of warmer shades don't match my skin and make me look washed out or are too bold. (I'll never be able to pull off a true red lipstick!).


My purse always has a few lip colors in it, but I don't like to carry around a ton of extra stuff, so I usually limit myself to 4 or 5 shades a season that I can rotate and wear daily, no matter the occasion.

Here are my favorite shades for fall.

My first fall favorite is Whip Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick by Bite Beauty. I just discovered it this year and if you've been following me on Insta for the last weeks months, this is color I've had on just about everyday! This whipped liquified lipstick is creamy, smooth, and has just enough color to make a statement without going overboard. It's my favorite daily lip color and I've heard from a lot of other girls that they love it too! Because of the whipped formula, it's light and doesn't get "cakey" like a lot of lipsticks. It goes on creamy and dries matte. I love how it stays on all day and keeps my lips hydrated.

The next lip color I'm sharing has been a favorite for years - Manic Vice Lipstick by Urban Decay. It's a little bolder than I usually wear, which makes it great for special occasions and when I want to have a statement lip. It's still in the same "family" of shades I usually wear, but a little more pink than the usual wine or deeper color that I usually go for. I discovered this a few years back when I was just getting into the lipstick-wearing scene and although I don't wear it everyday, it's easily one of my favorites in my fall and winter lip lineup.

I will always love Mac lipsticks, and there's always one in my bag, no matter the season. My go-to fall shade is Craving Amplified Lipstick. It's so versatile and works for both daytime and nighttime because of the semi-satin finish. This shade is what I would call my "comfort zone" of lipsticks - not too dark, not too light, pink, or red - just a hint of plum. Finding the perfect shade can be a challenge without going too dark or too pink, so when I discovered this shade, I was instantly hooked! This is actually one of my year-round faves because it is so perfect with my skin tone.

Stepping a little out of my comfort zone is this wine colored lipstick Berry Mojito Color Splash Hydrating Lipstick by Tarte Cosmetics. I was so surprised that this color worked for my skin tone and that it wasn't too bold and dark. I'm even more surprised that I wear it to work, to meetings, or just during the day when I'm out and about. Usually one to shy away from really bold, almost red shades, I love that it's different - and when I wear it, I usually feel more confident! It goes on great, feels light and hydrating, and doesn't bleed onto my teeth like a lot of darker lip colors tend to do.

This last one I'm sharing with y'all is an oldie but a goodie (but new to me!), Vinyl Dream Le Marc Lip Creme by Marc Jacobs. This lip creme is so smooth, so pigmented, and perfect beige/nude/neutral shade for fall. There's a hint of rose-color that pops through and makes it great for daytime or nighttime. Because of it's neutral undertones, this could definitely work for all skin tones! I feel like this new addition to my collection will quickly become a staple.

Extra: This is not necessarily a fall shade, but it's my year round daily lip color. I go through it so quickly (and thank goodness it's inexpensive!). I was so surprised by the quality of this Revlon Ultra HD Matte lipcolor in Seduction but it goes on effortlessly, has a great color that is very natural looking, and stays on for HOURS, no matter how much I eat or drink.



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