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Second-Time Mom Essentials

It's been 3 years since I scoured the internet for first-time mom must-haves. And I had no clue what I was looking for. Thanks to family and friends, we were fully equipped us with all things baby - chairs, strollers, clothes, toys, accessories, the works!

So when we started building a wish list for Baby Girl #2, we found ourselves not needing a ton of baby things! So for our Baby Sprinkle, we found ourselves just asking for clothes, and we've gotten a bunch of diapers, too. But there are a few things we asked for that would have been helpful with our first that we 1) didn't know about or 2) weren't out yet. But there are some things that we wouldn't have survived without with our first baby!

1. Baby Sling

I didn't wear my first baby much, because I learned how to do everything with 1 hand. Our first carrier wasn't great, and didn't offer a ton of comfort to mom and dad or support to baby, so it wasn't ideal, but worked when we had rare outings without a stroller. But with a baby and a toddler, I definitely want to be hands-free. We plan on wearing this baby a lot more so we can still play and interact with our 2-year-old while having quality time with the baby.

These are some of the top picks for moms, by real moms:

2. Double Stroller

Because we have a toddler and will have a baby, a double stroller was a no-brainer for our registry. We are loyal Graco parents - we have the whole Click Connect Travel System, jogger stroller, high chair, umbrella stroller, pack-n-play, 4ever carseat...

So naturally we started looking at strollers that were compatible with our infant Click Connect carseat and Graco has a few options when it comes to double strollers. But the one that takes the cake is the Graco Modes Duo. It offers 27 different seat configurations, steers like a charm, and isn't overly heavy and bulky like a lot of strollers.

Every parent has their preference, but since we have loved Graco from the start of our parenting journey, we felt comfortable adding this to our lineup.

3. Rock-n-Play

We would not have slept with our first baby if we didn't have the Rock-n-Play. It was a game changer in the way our baby slept - she went from a few hours a night to sleeping 8-10 hours a night by the time she was 6 weeks old.

Because of the gentle vibrating seat, the recline of the seat, and soft sides that hug the baby and give them a secure, snug feeling, we relied on this so heavily that we actually wore one out and had to get a second Rock-n-Play.

A highlight of this seat is that it's so lightweight and folds flat so it's compact and can be packed easily for an over night trip or vacation. I can't tell you the number of moms who swear by this amazing seat for infants.

4. Dock-A-Tot

We didn't have this for our first, but oh boy! There is nothing but rave reviews for this contraption! Almost like a boppy pillow, this lets the baby sleep soundly and snuggly, but doesn't allow the baby to rollover or move much.

The dock-a-tot is ideal for parents who want to co-sleep or who are constantly on the go. Because the sides are higher, baby can't roll out of bed or off a sofa (obviously don't leave them there unattended), but is soft-sided and can easily be thrown in the car for naps on-the-go.

A lot of parents who have bassinet-type strollers use the dock-a-tot in their stroller carrier to give the baby a more secure, snug feel as they go for walks.

5. Nose Frida

I was 100% skeptical about this whole snot-sucker thing at first. And it took until our daughter was about a year old to get on board. PSA: It's not as gross as it seems, and it's so helpful that even if it were gross, you'd do it.

When babies get runny noses due to teething or a seasonal cold, it can mean a constant flow from their noses. And occasionally that can affect sleep and eating because they get congested. Not with Nose Frida... using the tube and foam "filter," parents can easily suck the snot and boogers out of their little one's faces and open up the airways for better breathing.

Yes, I still think it's gross, but it works and you can't argue with that (or a peaceful night's sleep).

6. Delivery Gown

This is for mom, but c'mon. Baby can't get everything! When you go to the hospital for your first baby, you may be prepped for certain aspects of the birthing process thanks to your doula, GYN, or birthing class, but there are certain things they don't prepare you for.

For starters, the amount of nakedness on your part. From the time you are admitted and they give you the paper-thin scratchy hospital gown to wear, everything is hanging out. They don't cover your backside and hardly provide enough coverage to the front. So spoil and pamper all Moms-to-Be with cozy delivery gowns.

If you are afraid that it will get ruined during birth, perhaps slip it on while you're in recovery - you'll feel better once you are out of the sweaty, uncomfortable gown you just gave birth wearing. Or if you are having a C-Section, then having a gown that is comfortable in the top can be an extra level of comfort and support that you need.

This gown from Gift Gowns is so soft... it's flannel. But is thick and warm and provides coverage while being chic and practical for all the monitors, cords, needles, and various things doctors may use during the birthing process. I used to think this was a really useless, wasteful gift, but giving mom something that she can wear while giving birth can be empowering.

What are some of your must-haves as a second-time mom? I'd love to hear!


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