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Gift Guide for the Cozy Girl

Not all girls like to get dolled up and go out - sometimes the best Friday nights consist of a good book and cozy jammies. Or sometimes balance is key! But even when they do go out, comfort and coziness is still a priority, whether it's out to dinner or a Target run. I've rounded up my favorite cozy gifts that are sure to please all the cozy girls on your list.

Yeti Coffee Rambler - This coffee mug is the only one you'll ever need again... especially if you're a mom or work from home. No more heating up your coffee 3 or 4 times before you finish a single cup.

This Yeti Rambler will keep your coffee hot for hours!

Buffalo Plaid Vest - For the homebody who still loves to be stylish, this cozy buffalo plaid vest can be worn with leggings and a tee, denim, or a dress (the possibilities are endless!). It is great for date

night, work, or just running errands - and sure to please!

Sherpa blanket - Cuddle up on the couch with this Cuddl Duds sherpa blanket and you may never want to get up again! So soft and fuzzy. It's big enough to act as another layer on your bed too

(if you need an extra layer on the cold nights).

UGG Slippers - I've worn my UGG slippers to the point where they are falling apart, that's how amazing they are. The rubber soles are great for around the house and the lining keeps your feet warm without

getting sweaty. These are great if you are in college and need something cozy to wear on campus

or if you live in the city to walk down the block for coffee!

Fuzzy pullover - Like a robe, only you can wear this in public! This Thread & Supply pullover might be the softest thing you've felt... EVER! It's so warm, so cozy, and is perfect for lounging around the house or if

you have to brave the cold winter days.

Sleep Mask - Naptime never looked so good! Get your beauty sleep any time of day with this silky sleep mask. The strap won't pull your hair and because of the silky texture, your skin won't feel dry and tired after a good night's sleep. (A sleep mask makes a great stocking stuffer!)

Candles - A go-to for anyone really, but candles are a great way to set the mood, help you unwind after a long day, or just make you feel cozy as you curl up on the couch with a good book or movie! I love WoodWick candles because they smell amazing, but as it burns, the candle gives off a faint sound of campfire or

fireplace burning. Perfect for long, cold nights.

Hat - Whether you're just cold or having a bad hair day, throw on a cute pom-pom knit hat to complete your outfit (and be completely practical!). It's absolutely adorable and so fun paired with a

chunky-knit sweater or puffy coat.

Blanket Scarf - My favorite accessory this fall, hands down! Blanket scarves are so warm and double as a blanket (duh!) in a cold office - drape around your shoulders, across your lap, or wrapped around your neck.

They come in so many patterns and colors, so you're sure to find one that suits you.

Hot Water Bag - If you need a little extra warmth (or a little extra coziness during your Hallmark Movie marathon), this hot water bag from the Hearth & Hand Collection will be your best friend. The cable knit sleeve design is a great accent, but insulates your hot water bottle, keeping it warmer for longer.

Fill with hot water and snuggle up!


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