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New Mom's Loungewear for Your Hospital Stay

Hospital bag essentials are one thing, but the actual outfits to wear after baby is born are just as important. Everything is sore, healing, and depending on your method of birth, you may need to be in the hospital for a few extra days. One thing to think about is accessibility - doctors will be checking on you and baby, lactation consultants will be in and out of your room, and you'll want skin-to-skin time with your new baby. These are some of the best hospital-stay friendly outfits and necessities out there!

1. Lounge Pants

I can't say enough about having a comfy pair (or two) of lounge pants during your stay in the hospital after baby. Not only will your midsection be sore and healing, but chances are, you'll want something loose to accommodate all the extra monitors, cords, and wires that will be used during your stay (not to mention the adult diapers and pads you'll need).

2. Henley

Finally out of the same maternity clothes you've been wearing for months! But you'll still need something with a little extra room. Henleys are the perfect solution - plus the buttons will allow access for breastfeeding and for chest monitors to be attached easily.

3. PJ set

You won't get a moment of peace and quiet throughout the night - if it's not baby, it's a doctor or nurse coming in to check on you. And depending on when you give birth, your sleep schedule may be a little off (not to mention the hormones!), so wearing a nice pajama set will let you walk around the L&D wing feeling comfortable, modest, and just a bit stylish. Double points for having a button down top that will make nighttime feedings quick and easy.

4. Nursing Bras

Go for comfort here - not style. Nursing bras are not really meant to be chic and stylish - but built for comfort and purpose! During your stay, your body will be changing rapidly as your hormones readjust and your milk suppy comes in (making everything a little sore and tender. A nice wire-free nursing bra that is comfy to sleep in will make you feel much better about yourself. This nursing bra is so comfortable and supportive.

5. Nursing Tanks

When you are lounging in the hospital or in the recovery room after giving birth, you may be ready to get out of a hospital gown, but not quite ready for "real" clothes yet - that's when nursing tanks are going to come in handy. With hormones all over the place, you may feel warmer than usual and these tanks are modest tops while being practical and handy for easy feedings, lactation consults, and great for once you get home, too!

6. Slippers

Oddly enough, slippers might be my #1 favorite essential for my hospital bag. I can't stand wearing hospital socks, but love the extra grip and support when walking around (or waddling!) after having baby. The first few trips to the bathroom can be daunting and having rubber soles and stability while walking down the hall to the nursery or just to get the blood flowing is comforting. Slippers are the best way to feel comfy and cozy.

7. Wrap Cardigan

Layers will be your best friend during recovery (room is too hot, too cold, and rarely just right!) and having a cardigan that can provide a bit of privacy while nursing and coverage over a nursing tank will be a godsend. This cardigan might just be your favorite postpartum piece in your closet...

8. Teleties

TeleTies are my new favorite hair tie. They don't pull or get stuck, and the best part - they don't leave a "pony tail bump" in your hair. But they are also great at keeping your hair secure for long periods of time. For me, that's must when I'm in the hospital. Having a new baby is enough to worry about - you don't need to be messing with your hair all the time, too!


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