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9 Things to Keep Your Mind Off the News

Right now, we are inundated with news and to-the-minute updates about the Coronavirus. While it's good to know how to remain safe and healthy, it can really be a downer. Honestly, after 5-10 minutes of the news, I find myself getting grumpy and in a really negative mindset.

As an ambivert, I love being out and socializing for small amounts of time and then need to at home to recharge my batteries, so I feel for both sides right now. I miss going out and interacting with people, but I also love not having the pressure of going out and socializing! (a total catch-22, right?!)

9 Things to Keep Your Mind Off the News

But there are a lot of really great positive things to do to lift your spirits and get your mind off this pandemic. Staying upbeat can affect your whole mood during quarantine (especially if you're home with kids!). These activities are all done with "social distancing" in mind, but also have your sanity and well-being in mind.

1. Rediscover a hobby

Recently, there has been a push for "side hustles" and monetizing things you enjoy do on the side. And there's been a huge drop in hobbies for the sake of having a hobby. Use this time to discover, or rediscover, a hobby. Start doing puzzles, learn to crochet, to your hand at DIY projects... the list is pretty endless.

2. Learn to cook or bake

No time like the present to start whipping up some things in the kitchen. Whether you are a seasoned chef or your idea of cooking is making a frozen pizza, use this time to learn a new recipe. Take your time, relax, and have fun. Since there's no where to go, you might as well learn a new dish to impress all your friends when we can re-enter society.

3. Read a book

Turn off the TV and silence your phone, and dive into a book. Getting immersed in a fictional world is the best way to get your mind off the news and current world events. Pick up a book you've read before or start a new book.

4. Family date nights

Date nights are paused for now, so have family date nights. Have a game night, watch a movie and make popcorn, do crafts together, or binge-watch a favorite show. Or... just sit and talk. Take time to really listen to your kid's or spouse's ideas and dreams and connect with your family.

5. Get fresh air

Obviously while keeping away from others, the weather is pretty great for getting outside and getting fresh air. Take a nature walk with kids, go for a hike, or just walk around the neighborhood. Getting some vitamin-D and fresh air will make everyone feel better about being cooped up at home.

6. Have "Virtual" Coffee Dates or Happy Hours

No doubt we are all missing our friends - so have a virtual happy hour via video chat! Pour a drink, hop on a video chat, and talk. It can't be in person, but there's nothing that says you can't still be social and stay up-to-date with your pals.

7. Clean, declutter, and organize

Don't think of being quarantined as a bad thing. Think of it as extra time to clean, declutter, and organize your house! Do one room at a time - clean, purge, organize. You will feel so accomplished and the house will never have looked better!

8. Check off your bucket list

Sure, some items on your bucket list might be impossible to check off because travel and going out can't happen. But the "smaller" items - things you want to do that are possible at home - can be checked off! Maybe you want to write a book, start an online business, learn or perfect a craft. Take this time to do it! You can also use this time to start planning how you can check off other items on your list.

9. Start a new routine

Whether it's a new exercise routine, wellness routine, or even a skincare routine, dive right in! You have plenty of time to dedicate to a new routine. It takes 2 weeks to fully adopt a new routine, and you have that time... Make it happen!


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