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Fall Essentials Guide - 2020

As I was thinking about fall closet essentials, I realized it was much easier than I thought. Over the last few years, I've been working on a really tailored fall wardrobe that would make getting ready in the morning easy and painless (we've all been there).

I wanted to focus on the "must haves" for a fall outfit - essential pieces that are versatile and timeless. Living in Maryland, each seasons requires layers because the weather can be all over the place. Fall isn't any different - it can be cold in the morning and evening but reach warmer temps in the afternoon. Many of my essentials are layering pieces, with some of my favorite chunky sweaters thrown in there too.

Most of these pieces are items that will last for years. As much as I lean into certain trends, fall is one of the times of the year that I revert back to the basics and build really simple, timeless, effortless outfits. That doesn't mean you have to substitute practicality for style, because you can't go wrong with any of these items. Of course, you can jazz up any outfit with accessories to make it your own style.

This guide contains affiliate links, meaning I make a small commission off anything your purchase! Thanks for all the support :)

These pieces are pretty versatile - just pick a bottom, top, and shoe, and you're good to go! That's what I love about a somewhat "capsulized" wardrobe for the fall - everything matches and you can't go wrong. Timeless sweaters with some trendier accessories will take each outfit into year after year, without having to constantly refresh your closet (plus, that's not sustainable or smart!)

Purchasing basic pieces over the years and honing your personal style will go a long way in being able to minimize purchasing but stay fashionable.


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