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Floral & Fruity Sparkling Spring Cocktail

I'm excited to share this tasty and delightful recipe with you that is perfect for springtime gatherings and celebrations. It’s my sparkling Spring Cocktail! It’s the perfect blend of sweetness and bubbles that will make any occasion more special.

To start, you’ll need to gather your ingredients.

  • 1 Bottle of Champagne or dry Sparkling Wine (we love using Spanish Cava)

  • Chambord

  • St. Germaine elderflower liquor

Of course, champagne or cava is the base of this cocktail to make it really sparkle. Choose a dry, crisp champagne that will complement the sweetness of the other ingredients. Next, we’ll need some Chambord, a black raspberry liqueur that adds a beautiful berry flavor. Finally, we’ll add a touch of elderflower liquor to add a subtle floral note to the drink.

champagne flute with spring cocktail

Once you have your ingredients, it’s time to start mixing.!

  • Begin by pouring about 1 ounce of Chambord into a champagne flute.

  • Next, add about 1/2 ounce of elderflower liquor.

  • Finally, top off the glass with your champagne.

Here’s the secret to making the perfect mimosa: use a gentle stirring motion to combine the ingredients. You don’t want to shake the champagne and risk losing all those precious bubbles, so use a cocktail spoon or cocktail stirrer to give the drink a gentle swirl.

And there you have it - a delicious Spring Mimosa that will impress your guests. The Chambord and elderflower liquor give the drink a lovely pinkish hue, perfect for springtime celebrations. And the champagne bubbles make it feel like a truly special occasion.

Close up on cocktail with champagne, st. germain, and chambord

I like serving this mimosa with a few fresh berries, like raspberries or strawberries. It’s a simple garnish that adds a pop of color to the drink and a delicious little bite of sweetness. You could also add a sprig of fresh mint or a twist of lemon to elevate the presentation.

If you’re serving this Spring Mimosa for a brunch or special occasion, consider pairing it with some light bites like croissants, fresh fruit, or a cheese board. It’s the perfect drink for a springtime celebration, whether you’re hosting a bridal shower, brunch, or just enjoying a lazy Sunday morning with friends.


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