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Holiday Gift Guide | For Her

This is always one of my favorite gift guides to put together because it is all stuff that I either own or want to own everything on this list! At least in my family, the women usually steer towards practical gifts, so sometimes it's nice to give them something they wouldn't necessarily purchase for themselves. The items on this list are all things that will make her life easier or let herself feel pampered a bit to make her feel special. Practical or not, these are things that all women will love.

  1. Crossbody purse. One of the most functional and practical things a woman can own is a good crossbody bag. Carry the important things while being hands free. I particularly love these kinds of bags for weekend trips when I know we'll be busy. Throw on and go!

  2. Blue-light blocking glasses. Now more than ever, we're on our phones, computers, or binge-watching Netflix shows. GIve her a pair of blue-light blocking glasses to help prevent headaches and eyestrain. These are adorable, trendy, and oh-so practical!

  3. Fuzzy slippers. Slippers are always a good idea. These are definitely a cozy pair of house slippers that you can wear year round. They have a solid, rubber sole to help prevent slipping, but are fuzzy and cozy to keep your piggies warm on those chilly days.

  4. Satin scrunchies. Yes, scrunchies are back. But these are a little different than your over-sized cotton scrunchies that matched your outfit (I'm looking at you, every school photo in the 90's). These don't pull, won't leave creases overnight, and are so gentle on your hair. If you have curls, they won't make your hair totally frizzy. (They also don't leave marks on your wrist, if you're a chronic hair-tie-wrist-wearer like me)

  5. Revlon Dry and Volumnizer. This is my ride or die of hair products. It will take your hair from damp to a gorgeous salon quality blowout in under 20 minutes. It is one of those fan favorites that will have everyone giving your compliments on your big 'do.

  6. Iridescent Champagne Flutes. Cocktail hour never looked so pretty. These champagne flutes are perfect for making even Tuesdays a reason to celebrate. I cannot get over how pretty these look on any home bar and how fun they make a girls night, date night, or any celebration.

  7. Travel Jewelry box. This is a gift that every woman needs but may not buy for herself. Having a way to organize and keep your jewelry safe at home and on the go is so important to your precious accessories. Keep your necklaces untangled, earrings in pairs, and rings safe and sound with this great practical gift.

  8. Yeti Rambler Mug. No need for mom to reheat her coffee 3 times every morning - this Yeti Rambler mug will keep your coffee hot all day! Take to early morning soccer games, bonfires, or to keep your hot drinks, well, hot as long as you need it.

  9. Victoria Emerson wrap bracelet. A wrap bracelet makes a statement to any outfit. Simple and chic, these bracelets will be a topic of conversation and be just enough glam for everyday life, whether you are staying at home or venturing out and about.


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