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Holiday Gift Guide | For the Hostess

Whether you are entertaining small groups of people, or wishing to get back to hosting large gatherings, there is something for every hostess with the mostest. They make great gifts for the person who loves trying new recipes, hosting dinner parties, or just having a house full of loved ones.

  1. Cheeseboard set. This is such a fun cheeseboard and since it has matching cheese knives and charcuterie utensils, it makes hosting a breeze. Appetizers and grazing boards are among the most popular party foods - so why not have a classy wooden and marble serving tray?!

  2. The PDT Cocktail Book. For the home bartender or someone who likes to show off their chops whipping up a classic drink , this book is a must have. Not only are these drinks staples, but each recipe comes with a bit of history - where it first originated, why it was popular, and what events were going on at the time. Definitely a conversation starter!

  3. Bathroom Guest Book. Just for s**** and giggles - right?! Something humorous about a guest book in the bathroom and keeping track of who visits your home. Fill it with memories, stories, and good times that were had by all. What might be a gag gift may actually end up holding a lot of sentimentality.

  4. DIY Infusing Kit. For cocktail lovers and those who like to create fun craft cocktails, this is such a fun gift idea. The sets come with herbs, flavoring, and blends to create delicious infused alcohols - just add liquor! For someone who has it all, this is a great gift idea.

  5. Candle. Whether you're celebrating a housewarming, a new job, or just the little things in life, candles are a great gift. This candle is fruity, light, and smells of champagne grapes - making it perfect to toast everything in life!

  6. Wine Glass Markers. Never mix up wine glasses again with these markers. They are such a cute way mark your glass and make it yours for the evening. The ink washes right off and the markers can be used again and again!

  7. Coasters. I'm convinced you can never have enough coasters, especially when you have company over. People move around, want to place their drinks down, and there aren't always coasters available. These marble and gold ones are adorable and a total favorite.

  8. Cookbooks. Individual party bites might be more favored these days over a grazing board, but these are both great for ideas when it comes to creatively serving a crowd. I personally love the photos and getting inspiration for our own snack boards and appetizers.

  9. Wine Chiller. Keep your whites chilled to perfection with this gorgeous marble wine chiller (that matches the coasters!). I don't know about you, but having to go back and forth to the fridge isn't always convenient. Serve guests with ease and in a very chic way ;)

  10. Whiskey cubes. Never water down another cocktail with ice cubes again. These stainless cubes freeze and keep your drink chilled without diluting it or skewing the flavor. Perfect for scotch, whiskey and bourbon, or even white wine.

  11. A blanket is never a bad idea to have lying around when you have company. Especially if you are hosting an outdoor gathering (which is getting more and more popular!). Have cozy blankets that are big enough to share readily available so you can grab and curl up!


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