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Holiday Gift Guide for Moms

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It's that time of year again! The holidays are in full swing and it can get hectic. Every year since I can remember buying presents for my mom (with my own money!), I have prided myself of finding gifts I knew my mom would love - things that she would really enjoy, things she wouldn't ever buy herself, or things that I thought she might like, but didn't know it yet!

And now that I am a mom, I'm sharing some of the best presents that I've been given, I've gifted other people, or things that I know would be extremely helpful to other moms. So grab a cup of coffee and let's get shopping!

1. Makeup Palette - No matter what stage of life you are in as a mom, new makeup will always be appreciated. This palette of gorgeous, pigmented neutral tones is perfect for any casual daytime look or a [rare] date night out. Tarte palettes have always been my favorite, but there are tons out there to choose from.

2. Essential Oils - Not until recently did I fall prey to the benefits of essential oils, but now that I have 2 reed diffusers, aromatherapy lotions, and pillow sprays, I love it! Organic oils are great is a diffuser for soothing a crying baby, helping to relieve stress, or to help you wake up feel rested and energized. Pair with a plug in diffuser to make a complete gift package.

3. Cute Coffee Mug - I swear by coffee to get through the day, and I love having cute mugs. Whether it's a coveted Rae Dunn collection mug or these adorably feminine mugs, there is sure to be one that suits every mom in your life!

4. Unique Subscription Boxes - For the gift that keeps on giving, treat the mom in your life to a subscription box. There are so many to choose from these days - cheese of the month, tea collections, clothing boxes, spa-in-a-box, or these themed boxes by Hammock Pack. Each month the box is filled with snacks or books or holiday themed soaps, accessories, or goodies. Fun for the mom who "has everything."

5. Stylish, Carry-All Bag - Not all moms want to carry around a diaper bag until their child is 3 or 4, when all you need is a diaper or two and some snacks! Instead, gift mom with a stylish backpack or carry-all bag that is versatile enough to hold whatever the day calls for - wallet, keys, toys, snacks, diapers... This backpack from The Honest Company is perfectly chic but still practical for busy moms.

6. Slippers - I swear by my UGG slippers. They are so soft, warm, and comfy, but have a nice rubber role for traction so I'm not slipping and sliding around on the hardwood floors all day. I have tried other slippers before, but I haven't found any others that I like more than UGG Slippers - plus, they last forever. I have even been known to throw them on when I"m running quick errands.

7. Massage Gift Cards - Let mom have an afternoon off and treat her to a massage or mini-spa day. Trust me, she'll love it. This is the perfect gift for an expecting mother who doesn't need/want clothes or more things for the baby. Prenatal massages are a great way to relax, unload tension, and cherish a little self-care before the baby arrives.

8. Blanket Scarf - Not only are these scarves super stylish, but they're functional. The moms in my family are habitually freezing, so these scarf can double as a shaw or blanket. It can also be used as a nursing cover during the winter months. They're soft and warm without being bulky or heavy, which makes them perfect for layering. Find them in all colors and patterns here.

Happy Shopping & Merry Christmas!


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