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Honey Halva Cardamom Latte

*This post is in partnership with Hibernate Honey

When hubby and I traveled to Boston a few summers ago, we stumbled upon the greatest bakery in the world - Tatte Bakery & Cafe. The Middle Eastern-inspired menu had our hearts. So you can imagine our thrill when Tatte came to Washington D.C. We were ecstatic!

A must-have menu item is the House Latte. It is the coziest, most savory latte I've ever had with a hint of sweetness. Oh my goodness... I could have one every single day.

And now I can. Tatte's house latte is a Honey Halva Cardamom creation and after a few tries, and months of debating whether or not it is easy enough to whip up at home, I made it. And it worked.

What You'll Need:

A moka pot or way to make espresso

Espresso blend coffee

Milk frother

How to Make a Honey Halva Cardamom Latte


4 oz espresso

1 tsp ground cardamom

1 cup milk

2 Tbsp halva

1/3 Tbsp Hibernate Honey syrup

  1. In a blender, combine milk and halva and pulse until creamy.

  2. Combine ground espresso and cardamom, and brew using a Mokapot or espresso maker

  3. Pour espresso into a mug and stir in Hibernate Honey syrup

  4. Froth and steam halva milk and pour over espresso


It is simple, creamy, and absolutely delicious. Once you have the method down, making a latte at home is one of the best ways to warm up from the inside out! While it isn't exactly like the liquid gold you can find at Tatte Bakery & Cafe, it is really darn close (and much closer than an hour drive away!).


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