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Losing My "Why" (& Finding My New Groove)

I started blogging after our first child was born. It was a way to connect with other moms and really - it was a hobby. A creative outlet. Something that I could do mindlessly. And overtime, it turned into more and grew bigger.

Over the last 2 years, my blog has lost some of its original meaning and has morphed into more style and lifestyle, and less "everyday mom" content. I know a lot of it comes from my personal growth and discovering my niche. By no means am I a fashion blogger or home decor blogger or food blogger.

I do identify with "Lifestyle blogger" because I like to encompass a little bit of everything that makes my life easier - budget-friendly clothes, easy weeknight recipes, mom-hacks, and everything in between. When I started Champagne & A Sippy Cup, my goal was to get more mothers involved. I wanted to feature guest bloggers once in a while. There were interviews I wanted to conduct and have real voices from real moms get the attention they deserve. And none of that has happened.

All that to say, I've been out of it.

Over the last few months, I have stopped writing blogs consistently and I found myself posting on Instagram just to post. Nothing meaningful and certainly nothing of value to other moms. It was simply to keep up.

I hate that there is a pressure to "keep up." Keep Up with Who?! The bloggers who do this for a living? The SAHMs who have nothing else to do? College girls who are blogging and in a different season of their life? This hobby of mine has really taken over and it's not even my full-time career. The desire to create content, get involved with collaborations, and partner with meaningful brands I can stand behind is something I enjoy doing. Which is why I have slowed down.

Taking a bit of a writing hiatus was not a choice. instead, it was thrust on me because my work life picked up and while that has been amazing and opened a bunch of really incredible doors, I've had to put my blog on the back burner. (Another reason my Instagram quality has declined).

As I look over what I've written in the past few months, I've strayed a lot from what I know and I'm writing gift guides and style guides and only the occasional article on motherhood and parenting. A lot of what I put together is stuff that people ask to see more of on Instagram, but I know that it may not totally be my groove.

So if I may, I'm asking for a little help. I really want to get some user input and see what needs to happen for this little passion project of mine to grow. My goal is to learn more about my audience so I can dedicate myself to writing what people really want to see, instead of what I think is right.

I'm finding my way back into the "WHY" I'm doing this, and I appreciate everyone's help!


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