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Roasted Cauliflower with Spicy Korean Aioli

In the last year, I have fallen in love with roasted cauliflower. One of our favorite restaurants serves it with a garlic aioli and it is delicious. But because of COVID-19, we haven't been able to go and I think I was going through withdrawal.

So I took matters into my own hands and decided to make it at home with a little twist. It's no secret that I love anything Asian-inspired, and I love gochujang, a Korean chili paste. It was the perfect addition to this aioli. I get mine at Wegmans and love this brand.

Another trick I have up my sleeve to use 2 different kinds of mayonnaise as the base. Duke's Mayo is my favorite brand to use in recipes - its the perfect blend of savory and tangy. But a staple in our house is Kewpie Mayonnaise - a Japanese "umami" style mayo that is rich and tangy. It is made from a unique blend of Japanese vinegars and egg yolks.


Roasted Cauliflower with Korean Aioli


1 Head cauliflower

1/2 cup Duke's Mayo

1/2 cup Kewpie Mayo

1 Tbsp Gochujang

2 cloves garlic, minced

pinch of salt

pinch of pepper

1 Tbsp rice wine vinegar

  1. Chop cauliflower into small pieces and toss with EVOO

  2. Roast on 375 degrees for approximately 40 minutes

  3. In a small mixing bowl, combine Dukes, Kewpie, gochujang, garlic, vinegar, salt and pepper and whisk together until smooth and creamy

  4. Serve while cauliflower is still warm

This is such an easy snack or side dish to whip up. If spicy isn't your thing, you can leave out the gochujang and just have creamy garlic aioli.


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