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Spring Cocktail Creations

This post is in collaboration with Square One Organic Vodka. Flavors are theirs, opinions and cocktail recipes are my own.

Spring has sprung! At least in my mind, and I'm ready to break out the patio furniture, fire up the grill, and whip up some refreshing cocktails.

At our house, when it comes to liquor, we either drink whiskey or vodka. So when Square One Organic Vodka wanted to send some flavors to try, we were like HECK YEAH! I was thrilled to see the great assortment of flavors in their inventory - botanical, bergamot, basil, cucumber, and original organic. My years of bartending and whipping up easy, tasty cocktails finally came in handy (not a ton of mixology involved in everyday #momlife)

There are a few essential bar tools that you'll need to make these cocktails (or most cocktails, ever):

Pro tip: After shaking or stirring, always strain your cocktail into a glass with clean, "fresh" ice.

Greyhound Getaway

This classic drink is easy to throw together, and can even be made in a pitcher if you are having company. I love this cocktail, and I spruced it up a little with a floater of Perrier, but any sparkling/seltzer water would work. Grapefruit juice can be a little bitter, but the basil vodka cuts the bitterness and gives it a nice, light flavor.

This recipe makes 2 cocktails.


5 oz Square One Organic Basil Vodka

Fresh-squeezed juice from 3 grapefruits


1. Halve the 3 grapefruits and squeeze over a strainer into a glass, set aside

2. Fill a pint glass with ice, and pour vodka over

3. Top with grapefruit juice

4. Shake vigorously and pour over 2 rocks glasses, filled with ice

5. Top with Perrier and garnish with grapefruit slice

Walk in the Park

Traditionally, when someone orders an "Old Fashioned," they are implying they want a whiskey drink. And we are huge fans of whiskey around here. But back in the day, an Old Fashioned could mean any liquor served with a sugar cube and bitters. Challenge accepted. And what better way to start with a classic cocktail than using a floral, botanical vodka?


1.5 oz Square One Organic Botanical Vodka

1 sugar cube

2 dashes Lavender bitters

splash of lemon juice

Twist of citrus

1. Muddle the sugar cube, bitters, and lemon juice in the bottom of a glass.

2. Top with vodka and ice. Stir using bar spoon.

3. Strain into rocks glass and garnish with citrus twist.

Southern Half-and-Half

Better known as a John Daly, this is one of my favorite summertime cocktails. I use southern-style sweet tea, which makes this so freaking good. It's also crazy easy to make - you don't need any fancy tools or glassware. I used traditional organic vodka for this drink - sometimes it's better to K.I.S.S. right?! This also is a great cocktail to make for parties because it can be made in a pitcher. Just adjust the proportions accordingly.


for an 8-10oz cocktail

2oz Square One Organic Vodka

Equal parts Lemonade and Sweet Tea.

1. Fill glass with ice and pour in vodka

2. Top with equal parts lemonade and sweet tea

3. Stir with a straw or bar spoon.

Cosmo Crush

Blame SATC, but I love a good cosmo, and usually save them for special occasions. So why not take those flavors and make a summer-friendly version?! Maryland (and especially Baltimore) prides themselves on being the home of the Orange Crush - and lots of other flavors are very common! It's essentially just fruit juice, vodka, and club soda/Sprite. Cosmos use triple sec to give it a faint orange flavor, and that's exactly what the Bergamot vodka does. Flavors of a cosmo as a crush? Can't go wrong!


2oz Square One Bergamot Organic Vodka

Splash of cranberry juice

Splash of Rose's Lime Juice (you can substitute simple syrup)

Sprite or club soda - depending on how sweet you prefer

1. In a pint glass, pour vodka, cranberry juice, and lime juice over ice.

2. Top with Sprite or club soda and garnish with an orange wheel.

I'm pretty sure you can find me sipping on one of these cocktails all spring and summer long. Do you have any favorite cocktails for warm weather? Let me know! I can't wait to hear.


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