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Summer Whiskey Cocktail: Jameson & the Giant Peach

This post is in collaboration with The Peach Brothers. Peaches are theirs. All other flavors and opinions are mine.

It is no secret that peach season is one of the best times of the year. They are such a versatile fruit - good for dessert, savory dishes, appetizers, and even a good cocktail.

A few years ago, we had a peach and whiskey cocktail at one of our favorite restaurants in hubby's hometown. It was incredible and we talk about it to this very day. When The Peach Brothers reached out for a collaboration, I knew this cocktail recreation was one that I needed to share. It's a staple in our home!

You only need a few ingredients, but will need to plan ahead so the peach puree has time to freeze properly.


Jameson & the Giant Peach cocktail

This recipe makes 2 cocktails


3 peaches

6oz Jameson Irish Whiskey

2oz simple syrup

6-8 mint leaves

  1. Bring a medium pot of water to boil and place the peaches in the water for roughly 2-3 minutes. Afterwards, immediately drop them into a bowl of ice water. This will help the peach skin come off with ease.

  2. Peel the peaches and slice.

  3. In a food processor, puree the peaches until smooth and they reach a pour-able consistency. Pour into an ice cube tray, filling each mold about halfway. Let freeze for at least 5 hours before using.

  4. In a pint glass or cocktail mixing glass, muddle mint leaves and simple syrup

  5. Fill glass halfway with ice and pour Jameson in glass. Stir with a barspoon until thoroughly mixed. You can also use a Boston shaker and shake for approximately 30 seconds.

  6. Fill your rocks glasses with crushed ice and strain cocktail over ice.

  7. Top off with a frozen peach cube and garnish with mint leaves.

As you drink your cocktail, the peach cube will melt and infuse your cocktail with juicy peach flavors. It is amazing and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Bottoms up!


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