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Top 9 Christmas Movies on Netflix

Thanks to Netflix, we can be in the holly jolly Christmas spirit all year. Netflix has stepped up their game and released some original holiday movies that hold their own when compared to other made-for-TV holiday movies on the Hallmark Channel (still the best movies out there, don't get me wrong!). Movies where girl-meets-boy and/or big-executive-goes-to-small-town are pretty much the only two major motifs, yet are still charming and endearing.

While there's something special about catching your favorite Christmas movie on TV, sometimes you can't beat a Christmas movie marathon. And in that case, grab some hot cocoa, a chunky blanket, and snuggle in for a long night of some of the best, cheesy, hopelessly corny, and perfectly merry Christmas movies you can stream.

1. Christmas Inheritance

A classic "Heiress goes to small town" kind of movie. Probably the most stereotypical Christmas movie - a girl who has it all moves to a small town to "find her roots" and along the way befriends the townies and falls in love. There are a lot of really feel-good moments in this movie. It's a mindless watch, but you'll come out on the other side feeling lighthearted and believing just a little more in the good of mankind.

2. A Christmas Prince (Trilogy)

A regular girl who ends up dating a prince, then marrying him, and having a baby? Pretty stereotypical, yet a well-constructed trilogy that keeps a pretty consistent storyline, cast of characters, and intrigue. Has a "Prince & Me" kind of vibe, yet builds some depth as the movies progress. You learn to love characters who at first seem cold and distant, find yourself cheering for the leading lady as she goes from journalist/blogger to queen to mother (I mean, is there a more common theme in these kinds of movies?!)

3. Christmas in The Heartland

Another switched-for-Christmas type movie, but with a sweet Southern influence. Beauty pageants, new families, and young girls who switched places to meet relatives they've never met. The tangled web of relationships seems a bit far fetched, but for a holiday movie, it's a happy ending and very much so a "feel good" kind of movie.

Parts of the movie definitely feel out of place - like they tried to fit too many clichés into one film, but it all ends well. (The Blooper Reel/Musical Ending is probably the most out of place part of the thing)

*Bonus Points if you recognize the Country Star Dad and Pageant Queen Grandma...

4. Holiday in the Wild

Fans of Sex and the City will appreciate this movie. Think "Sex and the City meets Out of Africa" and you have the premise of the film. A member of high city society goes through a major life change and finds herself on a safari, alone, at Christmas. While it's not the most typical Christmas movie, it's a welcomed change.

Of course there is an attractive love interest and the common theme of finding oneself during the holiday season to give it a happy-feel-good vibe. And I'm here for it. This is one of the more emotional and tear-evoking movies on Netflix for the Christmas season.

5. Operation Christmas Drop

Based on a true story, this movie has a lot of really great parts. Again, classic motif of young, successful woman wanting to prove herself to her boss, so she works through Christmas, but falls in love in the meantime, and ends up making a difference. The humanitarianism that this movie is based on really exemplifies the meaning of Christmas. Not much bad I can say about it - you know what you're getting yourself into when there's a love interest, but it's a solid movie choice!

6. The Princess Switch

For what it is, this is entertaining. Vanessa Anne Hudgens does a Parent Trap kind of double identity thing and while it is a humorous and predictable storyline, it's still charming. Her accent, however, is pretty comical and not so charming. Take it for what it is - a lonely girl at the holidays who owns a small bakery gets invited to join an international baking championship and goes with her BFF. It's a whole adventure while she's busy playing Parent Trap with a duchess who wants to live a real life before marrying the crown prince. A lighthearted, family friendly flick.

7. Christmas Wedding Planner

Slightly predictable, yet charming and very easy to get into. Budding wedding planner has a classic meet-cute at the coffee shop with a charming man who ends up being the antagonist (but only for a short while), and they end up falling in love. Pretty much a classic theme, but a few "twists" or little plot details that make this a really overall fun and lighthearted movie to enjoy.

8. Christmas in the Smokies

Enter: Dreamy big-time country star who goes home to his small town in the Rockies for Christmas. He ends up running into the leading lady - who just so happens to be his high-school sweetheart. After finding out how he ditched her the first time, we're not a fan, but he grows on us. Her family is going to lose the family farm where they make a living making pies and jams... (again, could we be more unrealistic & stereotypical), and the star comes in to save the day after butting heads with his former girlfriend. Long story short, it's wildly predictable and doesn't leave much room for guesswork, but it's a pretty standard Christmas romance movie.

9. Holidate

Another really common motif in made-for-TV movies, but guy and girl make a pact to be each other's stand in dates for family holidays. (I can literally think of 3 other movies off the top of my head where this same plot line is followed) Regardless, it's a cute, fun, and flirty movie where two people who don't have time for love end up catching feelings for one another. If you love a good rom-com - this is right up your alley. All the aspects of a cheesy rom-com with some holiday warm-and-fuzzy moments.

This list isn't quite complete - I'll update it as I find other gems of Christmas movies on Netflix! Drop any suggestions or favorite movies in the comments section!


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