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How to Ward Off the Sunday Scaries

The Sunday Scaries are real.

If you’re like me, around 4pm on Sunday, I go from happy and relaxing to bummed out about pile of emails waiting me for, all the things you have planned for the week ahead, and even lose sleep on Sunday night. The weekend is over and reality sets in. It’s the worst feeling!

The first time the Sunday Scaries set in (that I can remember) was in college. Every Sunday afternoon I would get bummed about my 8am class - not because it was a boring seminar, but because I had to wake up super early (#commuterproblems) and actually get my week started. But lately, I’ve been trying to figure out ways to conquer and avoid the Sunday Scaries. And I haven’t quite mastered it, but I am learning little tricks and tips that I can’t wait to share!

Have Something to Look Forward To

I have found that planning something on Monday or Tuesday helps reverse a lot of the dread that is associated with the Sunday Scaries - and something that REALLY gives you something to look forward to. For me, it’s the one night each week that our family does dinner together. With Hubs’ work schedule, Monday nights are family dinner night. And occasionally we plan a dinner out or dinner with friends. But knowing that I have something good coming right around the corner, makes Sunday night a little less daunting.

Get Organized for the Week

Although it might just seem like you are adding to your to-do list on Sunday, taking time to get organized and make some lists to get my schedule has been a game-changer for me. Taking time, even if it’s just 30 minutes, to get yourself organized can help your personal and professional life. In our house, we go grocery shopping, plan meals for the week, and make lists. For me, I also find that picking out a few outfits for the week make my mornings go a lot smoother during the week. Going to bed early on Sunday night can certainly help make Monday morning come a lot easier - the more sleep, the better!

Brain Dump

After the weekend, when weekday anxiety starts to kick in, it helps to take a few minutes and write down everything on your mind. Make a list of everything that feels like it is stressing you out, weighing you down, or causing you to lose sleep, and chances are, that list is a lot shorter than you think. Writing things down also allows me to see what needs to be done, and enables me to create a plan of action. And my brain can stop working so hard, since all my thoughts are on paper.

Self-Care Sunday Night

Something I have recently adopted is a weekly self-care routine. Instead of totally binge watching Billions or Shameless on Sunday night, I give myself a little extra self-love. For me, this means taking a bath, doing a face mask, or even more recently, dry brushing my entire body. It’s hard to think about all the stress and weekday anxiety when you’re indulging in self-care.

How do YOU Ward Off the Sunday Scaries?


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